Why use a Web Designer?

There is microscopically little today that doesn’t have a DIY kit available, just look on Pinterest you can do everything yourself. I can go to my local pharmacy and even buy a kit to do a home tooth filling. I can download blueprints from the Internet and build my house if I am that way inclined. No matter what your profession or service there will always be some way, someone could do it themselves.
Why make use of web designers, copywriters, photographers or graphic designers?
I can get all that stuff for free from the internet. The fact is all that stuff that you can get for free, was probably created by someone who is trying to sell you something.
The adage “There is no such thing as a free meal” is still true even in this day and age. The free product will be great until you want that feature that was in the advert. In the case of the tooth filling, they left the anesthetic out. FYI a tooth filling without anesthetic is an incredibly bad idea.
That does not mean that you cannot build a very basic website cheap or for free. The chances that it will be exactly what you had in mind is very slim.
The difference between DIY and using a professional is quality and knowledge. I’ve been doing web design and copy write work for close to ten years. I’ve seen websites succeed, and I’ve seen them fail, and I’ve learned from them all.
I’ve had to help people rebuild their “free” sites, and I know the pitfalls.
I attend web seminars and live on design forums so that I can make sure that your website is web complaint and that Google will be able to read it. I’ve put in the time and the effort to study how websites work so that you can benefit from it. I know designing a website sounds quick and easy, just like building those IKEA shelves sounded quick and easy.
The most important part that you, my client, need to understand is this: It is in my best interest to build you a website that will last. Your website’s success or failure affects my business, because should your website fails and is deleted, my work is also gone.
Building a website is not downloading the right size images and sticking them into a template- Building a website is understanding how people think, what they will search for, and what will keep them on your site. Building a website is a professional service provided by knowledgeable people.